License Renewal Information

The license to practice acupuncture must be renewed every two years. When an initial license is issued, the fee is prorated and the license is issued for a period of 13-24 months in order to place the license in the birthdate renewal cycle. The expiration date is the last day of the licensee's birth month. A renewal notice is sent to the licensee approximately two months before the expiration date ( Business & Professions Code 4965, 4969, 4970, California Code of Regulations, Title 16, section 1399.460)

The license renewal fee is $500 every two (2) years. In order to continue to practice acupuncture, the renewal fee must be submitted with the renewal notice before the expiration date. It is illegal to practice with an expired license. Licensees found to be practicing with an expired license are subject to disciplinary action. Additionally, a delinquent fee of $150 will be added to your renewal fee if not paid by the expiration date.

When renewing an initial license that has been issued for less than two (2) years, below is the number of board-approved continuing education hours that must be completed based on the number of months the license was issued:

Period of Initial Licensure Required CE Hours
13 to 16 months 35
17 to 20 months 40
21 to 23 months 45

Thereafter, all acupuncturists renewing their license are required to complete and list 50 hours of board-approved continuing education courses on their renewal application and sign under penalty of perjury.

Up to 50% of the continuing education requirement may be completed through distance education (online courses, correspondence courses, etc.) In addition, no more than five (5) hours of continuing education may be earned from courses in Category 2. Please note that although CE courses in Category 2 may be approved for more than 5 hours of credit, only 5 hours of credit may be reported for each renewal period. Each acupuncturist is required to retain records of all continuing education courses attended for a minimum of four (4) years.

If a licensee is not currently practicing in California and wishes to place his or her license on "Inactive Status," he or she must contact the Board. Inactive licensees are required to submit the same renewal fee amount as 'active' licensees ($500 for a 2-year renewal period); however 'inactive' licensees are not required to complete the CE requirement (C.C.R. Title 16, section 1399.489.1). If the licensee would like to reactivate the license, he or she must contact the Board in order to determine the number of CE Unit hours and the fee required to be submitted before the license can become active.

A license (active or inactive) which is not renewed within three (3) years of its expiration date WILL NOT BE RENEWED. A new license will not be issued until the licensee has retaken the examination and paid all necessary fees.