Approved Courses

The Acupuncture Board maintains a list of approved courses which is updated every other month. This is not a comprehensive list. In order to avoid attending courses that may have been cancelled, the Acupuncture Board strongly recommends that you confirm both dates and location of the course prior to attending.

The following are courses approved by the Acupuncture Board as of September 15, 2021.

Approved Live Continuing Education Courses

You may take all of your CEs from Live courses, be they in person or through a live webinar, provided you take no more than 5 units of Category Two courses per licensing period.

Live Category 1 Courses

Live Category 2 Courses

Approved Distance Continuing Education Courses

You may only take up to 50% of the total units required to renew your license through distance learning and no more than 5 units of Category Two courses per licensing period.

Distance Ed Category 1 Courses

Distance Ed Category 2 Courses

Also, please note that licensees can only receive up to a total of five (5) hours of CE credit for Category 2 courses (live or distance). Category 2 courses are non-patient oriented courses that include Business courses, and exercise courses for the licensee and not to help with their patients. Exercise courses that are designed to teach the licensee exercises to prescribe to their patients are Category 1 courses. There is no limit to the number of Category 1 courses a licensee can take. For more information on the categories, visit Course Content/Criteria.