How to Become a Provider

Schools, professional associations and individual licensees are the usual providers of CE courses. Currently, there are approximately 340 approved CE providers in California, and more than 1000 CE courses are approved each year.

The content of CE courses must be relevant to the practice of acupuncture and be related to clinical matters, the provision of patient care, or practice management. Courses must include a method by which course participants can evaluate whether the course met it's stated objectives, the adequacy of the instructor's knowledge of the course subject, the utilization of appropriate teaching methods, and the applicability or usefulness of the course information.

In order to become an established continuing education provider, the provider application, along with a fee of $150, must be sent to the Acupuncture Board. Requests for course approval, which must be in English, must be submitted on a form provided by the Board.

Copies of the Continuing Education Provider and/or Course Applications are available through our website under Publications and Forms or you can contact the Acupuncture Board office.