Satellite and Branch

Schools must obtain approval by the Acupuncture Board before enrolling students at newly established satellite and branch campuses.

Satellite (defined) –

  • Campus is within a short distance from the parent institution
  • Administration and admissions are all centralized at the parent institution
  • Faculty is shared by both campuses
  • Students receive training at both campuses
  • Students receive the majority of their training at the parent institution
  • Does not teach a total oriental medicine program; and
  • May not always be financially independent of the parent institution.

Branch (defined) –

  • Established as such to require a separate administration (i.e., distance from the parent campus, etc.)
  • Independent admissions and student body
  • Separate core faculty
  • Full oriental medicine curriculum program
  • Provide full student services; and
  • Financially independent of the parent institution

Schools interested in obtaining approval for a satellite campus should submit a proposal that provides information such as number of class rooms, clinics, number of students, opening date, etc. Requests for branch approval must be made by completing the School Application.